About the Icebox Radio Theater

The production company behind 'Radio Icebox' and a other entertaining podcasts.


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Here's a video overview of what Radio Icebox is all about along with a pitch for our Patreon.


Icebox, MN

The town of Icebox, MN is a very special place.  Learn all about it here:



The Icebox Radio Theater had been going for 11 years before 'Radio Icebox'.  Check out a brief history of the theater here.


The Crisper

Keep up with all the news about the Icebox Radio Theater with 'The Crisper' a weekly news and info podcast.  The last 10 weeks are archived here:



The IBRT is more than 'great faces for radio'.  'See' the beauty behind the voices with this picture gallery.



A lot of podcasts receive fan art, but our listeners are part of the show.  Listeners have contributed visual art, scripts, recorded sounds and more!  Check out a gallery of their offerings here.