Fridays at the Mic: Hello

For most of my life as a writer, I have resisted writing a blog. I'm not much of a wordsmith. I tend to make mistakes, then miss them in the editing. It's embarrassing when the cast of a new radio play spots (and laughs at) these mistakes at a table read, but at least it's just a small group of actors who will say the correct word during recording even if I didn't write it. But as I move forward writing radio scripts and studying other groups doing the same, I'm struck by how many producers write blogs. And more importantly, what an vital and unique role blogs serve.


For the past three years, I've done a news and info podcast called The Crisper on Sunday afternoons. I have thought of this feature as my substitute blog, a chance to talk out my thoughts so I would not have to write them out. But though a personal podcast can be a good forum for personal thoughts, there are ideas that run deeper and require more contemplation. A blog gives people the chance to go back and re-read a section, to think deeper on a point or to write something back. In short, a blog is a good place to slow down. And as I get older, slowing down is becoming my natural pace.

So, I shall write. I think we'll call this blog 'Fridays at the Mic' to give me a regular deadline to shoot for. I cannot promise I'll post a new entry every Friday, but I will aim to. Fridays at the Mic will be about producing audio fiction, both my projects and the work of others. I'll do my best to raise interesting points and the comments field will always remain open. Finally, I think I'll keep the entries short. Brevity is the soul of wit, after all, and subjects requiring something deeper can always be expanded in subsequent entries giving me a ready-made cure for writer's block.

I'll conclude this first entry with a confession about why I'm doing this after resisting it for so many years. I am 50 now. I have been producing audio fiction for 17 years, 12 of which with the Icebox Radio Theater. In that time, I've felt a lot of support from fans and fellow artists. But there have also been days filled with self doubt and jealousy. And through it all, the constant and annoyingly vague desire for 'more'. What 'more' do I want from this life? What 'more' do I want from this art? I don't know, but I feel it's time to work that out. To write that out.

NEXT WEEK: Carrying the OTR tag