Friday's at the Mic: The Recipe part 3

The Recipe Part 3 – And out to the world

Last time, I took you through the process of producing an episode of Radio Icebox. We've finished recording (look to the earlier blog entries for that information) so now it's time to distribute the new story to the world.

  1. ARTIST AT WORK. In the OpenOffice Drawing program, I create a new episode icon for the episode trying to be as graphically interesting as possible. Results are usually mixed.

  2. ITUNES HO! We begin with the finished MP3 file of the episode hopefully about 2 weeks ahead of the episode drop date. I import the file into iTunes and open the metadata editor, then add the appropriate information including title, podcast, and – of course – the new episode icon. At this point, the episode is ready for release – to members and patrons, that is.

  3. DESCRIPTION TIME. Next, I write a brief description of the episode, what the play is, who's starring in it, that sort of thing. The iTunes description field is ridiculously short so I try and keep it brief but usually fail. Invariably, my descriptions are cut off mid sentence.

  4. TO THE INTERWEBS! It's off to the website now to the 'Members' page where I upload episode, icon and description. The Members page is set up as a blog so I can schedule the post to go live at a particular date and time. Normally, it's one week prior to the regular drop date at 3pm, Central time.

  5. DON'T FORGET THE PATRONS. From, I move over to Patreon and do exactly the same thing with the same file, icon and description. Patreon posts are scheduled to coincide with the website posts.

  6. BUT THEY GOTTA KNOW ABOUT IT. Next, it's off to Mailchimp to design and schedule an email for our members letting them know that the new episode is available for them, and them alone, one week ahead of the podcast drop date. This email is scheduled for 3:30 of the drop day (one half hour after the episode goes live for members and patrons). This email is for members. Patreon automatically emails our patrons when we add something new. At this point, the episode is completed for members and patrons.

  7. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. A week or so before the podcast drop date, I re-open the episode in its Reaper file, and insert two commercials; one for (usually integrated into the air check section somehow) and a pre-recorded spot for the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council. Then, the episode is re-rendered with the commercials included and a different file name. The previous version of the episode will include “M&P” (for 'Members & Patrons') in the file name. This new rendering, intended to go out to the general audience, does not.

  8. OUR PUBLIC AWAITS. The new rendering goes through the same process as the members and patrons rendering. It's imported into iTunes, description and icon is added, etc. Now, the episode is uploaded to our Spreaker server, and scheduled to go live on the episode drop date which is either the 15th, or the last day of each month.

  9. DON'T FORGET THE PRESS Finally, it's back to MailChimp where we write a press release on the new episode and schedule it to be sent 24 hours after the episode drops.


That's it! That's the entire process of producing an episode of Radio Icebox. If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment field or email us at