Herne Bay Day 1

 I have a few minutes at a train station with for my connection to Herne Bay, so I thought I'd get down some thoughts.
Yesterday was a little overwhelming. The toughest part was trying to fairly judge the foreign language plays. English translations were provided, of course, but you still couldn't help but feel you were missing something. Perhaps a lot of something's.
The festival jury is a diverse lot with the majority of foreigners coming from Eastern Europe. Our chairman is Tomas from the Chech Republic, a festival vet and a very nice guy. Like most radio people I know, he's a bit of an introvert. Me too. Since the festival is actually run by a local theatre troupe (generally extroverted) it's made for some interesting contrasts.
My first night in Stephen's digs was wonderful. The room is huge compared to my first night hotel and his landlords seem like nice people. She is a midwife counting the days until retirement, and he is a retired civil engineer.
The train is nearly to Herne Bay so I'll sign off. I have my postcards ready to send so that's job one today. More later.