Final Day

Well, here we are! The final festival day is here. I made it to the train station all by myself (9 minutes to spare) and am waiting on this cold morn to begin one last outbound journey. The plays, to be honest, have been mixed. We have heard some wonderful, innovative drama and we have heard some... that wasn't. 
Short day yesterday which was desperately needed by everyone. I got back to Canterbury in time to have dinner with Stephen where I enjoyed a delicacy that I might need to import back to the Falls: the grilled pulled pork and macaroni & cheese sandwich. Then it was back to put my exhausted feet up and catch up with some paper work. About the only real wrinkle on the day was related to weather. Storm Doris hit the UK bringing winds up to 100mph. I had no idea that high winds effect train schedules so much, but they do. And nothing saps your energy like walking out in the wind. I was quite ready for bed by the end.

If we call yesterday the challenging day, today should be known as the long one. We've got a full morning of listening followed by a full afternoon and the usual jury session where we talk about the day's plays. Following that, we begin the discussion of all the plays to decide on the winners. Apparently, the process can take until after midnight. 

Later now. I'm sitting along a pond in Herne Bay listening to the gulls and ducks argue over bread. The sun is out, I'm well ahead of schedule and I think it's time to head to our little festival flat right after I post this. More later.