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Great Audio Drama from The Top of the Nation!

The Icebox Radio Theater has been producing new audio drama since 2004. And the IBRT runs the gamut from comedy to tragedy, from a possible future of science fiction to the frightening shadows of horror. The Icebox Radio Theater produces original, full cast stories you can listen to anywhere.

A Special Place Defined by Natural Beauty

That's International Falls, Minnesota: The Icebox of the Nation. With winter temps routinely dipping below -20 fahrenheit, folks in International Falls learn to make indoor fun. And that inspired the Icebox Radio Theater to create a type of theater that can be enjoyed in front of a roaring fire.

At Home on Stage, and in the Studio

Whether it's live music variety or carefully crafted studio work, the Icebox Radio Theater can do it all. This group is comfortable both on an 'Old Time Radio'- style stage in front of a live audience at a theater, school or library, or pulling imagination and excitement out of deepest recesses of a studio computer.

An Award-Winning Leader in the Audio Drama Renaissance

Radio drama, Audio Drama, Theater of the Imagination - whatever you want to call it, telling stories with sound is what the Icebox Radio Theater is all about. And as more and more talented artists rediscover the art of audio drama and push this once-bright art form back into the limelight, Icebox Radio stands proudly among the leaders.

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